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Beauty talk: Eyes

Eyes are the mirror to one’s soul, the most important features of our face. When people are in conversation they look into each other’s eyes, not at the nose or chin or any other part of the face. So naturally they are what we put most effort into doing up. When I’m doing makeup for brides, a major chunk of the time is allocated to the eyes, lets say 50 to 60 per cent of the total time, 30 per cent to foundation and contouring and the rest for lips and blush.

For starters I identify that what you need to do for your eyes is enhance them. For instance, if your eyes are small, coloured lenses will instantly open them up, kohl lining them all around and smudging the outline will soften the look. Add mascara to both upper and lower lashes and you have a great day make-up. For the night, do the same after adding shadow, colour coding with your outfit. Need to make it dressier? Add gold or silver highlights under the eyebrows and a touch on the centre of the lids. Deepen the coal and voila!! You are ready for a more formal occasion. Big eyes are easier to work with. Kohl the inside with a heavy mascara, lining the outside can be optional, perhaps only in the evenings to make it dressier.

Eyes are an area where you can really have fun and be quite creative. Unlike the lips, which can be altered only slightly in shape, the eyes have no real set limitations. Each shape you create, whether with shadows, pencils, or liner, can take you into completely different realms. Whether ‘smoky’ to defined or subtle to dramatic, any look you choose, the eyes are an integral part of a successful look.

Wearing false eyelashes is a sure shot way of making the eyes glamorous. They feel a little heavy initially but when you see what they do for your eyes you are bound to forget the momentary discomfort.

Photo Courtesy: La Belle
Article : The Daily Star
Author: Sadia Moyeen

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