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Purnima, Romana together in a film for first time

Film industry’s successful actress Purnima. TV’s top model and actress Romana. Two successful actress of small and big screen are acting together in a movie for the first time.

Name of the movie is ‘Chirodin Ami Tomar’. In this romantic movie their co-artists are Riaz and Amit Hasan. Other artists are Aliraz, Danny Sidak, Nasrin, Ratan etc.

The story of ‘Chirodin Ami Tomar’ is by Dr Mahfuzur Rahman. The movie is directed by F I Manik. About Purnima and Romana acting together in the movie Romana said, “I am happy to be able to act with Purnima. She is a renowned actress. Working with her will help me a lot.”

Purnima is also happy about getting Romana. Purnima said about Romana, Romana is not talked about only in small screen by now it is also on big screen. I believe this movie will be amazing.

Source: The New Nation

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